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  1. hey girl sorry i was no help yesterday. i aclatuly just got your message minutes before i checked your blog. photoshop is great. learn about how to change your ISO you want it to be on 100 when shooting in high light. then its changing your fstop and shutter speed not the time or place to discuss that. but just remember most of the time we are shooting kids so we want the background blurred = f2.8 or smaller(i don’t know what your lens will let you do). Also faster shutter speed in a lot of light because you don’t need alot of light. we will dicuss later. you could always shoot in A priority on your camera and let the camera set its on shutter speed. or you could just master photo shop and fix it there he-he!!But I would love to see BBTN in Cutie Pie or Gigglies and Coos (probably my favorite) its a new store downtown Auburn. Cutie Pies is by Panera. Let me know if I can help in anyway. Love ya!

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